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Neighbourhoods is for and by real, actual human beings.
We are developers, artists, entrepreneurs, writers, and activists who share a community-driven vision for a new, distributed web built on Holochain. We believe dWeb design based on portable reputation can retain the benefits of today's web while avoiding its corporate siloes, non-existent data ethics, and general creepiness.
Sacred Capital is a distributed network that developed the vision and specs for the reputation interchange over many years of tinkering with ideas around a reputation-centered economy for the distributed web. With Sacred Capital's reputation interchange, the micro-networks that we call neighbourhoods can interact with each other and set a pioneering, "web of trust" style standard for p2p verification of (inter)personal data across distributed apps.
Sid Sthalekar - Sid’s experience spans from heading South Asia's largest trading desk to exploring distributed economic paradigms in the Gandhi Ashram in India. He is the founder of Sacred Capital, a Singapore based organisation that has developed reputation infrastructure for Neighbourhoods. He believes distributed technology is enabling new forms of social coordination, that don't rely on consensus.
Emaline Friedman - Emaline writes across the fields of technology, psychoanalysis, and social criticism. Since mid-2017 she has been exploring the capacity of agent-centric and data-sovereign technologies to support alternatives to surveillance capitalism, through a series of research and communications positions.
Pablo Somonte Ruano - Pablo works as an interaction designer, media artist, researcher and musician in the fields of ambiguous software, generative systems, transmedia narratives, p2p networks and odd music. His projects explore subjects such as structural violence, alternative economies, theories of value and language.
Michael Hueschen - Michael has a background in programming language theory & functional programming (particularly Haskell). A guiding theme of his current work is exploring how peer-to-peer computer technologies can facilitate more egalitarian organizational structures and societies.
Jethro Cramp - Jethro has been growing ventures for 25 years spanning everything from granite quarrying in the heart of China to secure connected computers in Finland. Open source software is very close to his heart and all his (ad)ventures have relied heavily on it. He has experience in fund-raising and managing startups, and believes leadership is the art of balancing strategy, people, process, and resources.
Pospi - pospi is a rampant idealist by fate; distributed systems engineer by trade; accidental economist and sociologist; and recovering technologist, futurist and entrepreneur. pospi works to create software and governance tools in service to community autonomy, resilience and socio-economic empowerment; and has begun exploring intersections between data, algorithmic, economic and Indigenous sovereignty movements.
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