Developers create small, pluggable Holochain-based modules for use across various Neighbourhoods.
Neighbourhoods presents a pathway for developers to experiment with Holochain in a meaningful way. By building general-use tools and placing them in the low-code marketplace, you help spread patterns of distributed computing to early adopter communities of all sorts. No mega-platforms or time drained by white-labeling.
Is the Neighbourhoods framework for you?
    I want to experiment with leading edge, decentralized software without needing to start my own company or join someone else’s.
    I want the experience of building slim stacks rather than brittle, monolithic ones.
    I want to build tiny, super useful widgets that can be plugged into suites, bundled together by and for the communities that actually use them.
    I want to promote network cohesion over forking by participating in a framework that generates value when groups using modules of code bridge with other groups, creating meta-networks.
Using Neighborhoods Developers can…
    integrate components of the Reputation DSL into Rust modules.
    incorporate and send out reputation data between Neighbourhoods, provided there is sufficient will and trust between them.
    take advantage of Holochain's open source libraries
    contribute to the NH marketplace and earn credits for modules that get used by Neighbourhoods.
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