Low Code Marketplace
A Marketplace for Interoperable Modules and Widgets
Neighbourhoods rely on 'generic software tools' for interactions, discoveries and engagement. Such modules are made available through the low-code marketplace. They are registered in our lobby, matched with reputation data types, and connected to Neighbourhoods wallets.
The reputation interchange is at the center of the marketplace, making widgets configurable yet interoperable -- that's what makes this not just any other marketplace, but one for Neighbourhoods!

Connecting Community Activators with Developers

These widgets are small, modular, and useful. Think a chess game, seed-sharing, or meme-sharing tool.
They do only and exactly these functions, leaving community activators and stakeholders the freedom to choose everything else!
Developers leverage the modular nature of Holochain to generate widgets that are compliant with the Reputation Interchange, which means reputation data that is generated within them is portable across membranes.
Community activators can use a codeless tool to select and bundle widgets, and configure their cultural lens with unique forms of reputation based on their communities' activities.
Widgets in the marketplace have unique hashes so that developer contributions can be tracked across their uses in particular Neighbourhoods. Widget developers are then paid by Neighbourhoods for using modules.

NH Tokens & Credits

An NH-credits is a currency used in the marketplace to pay developers, which means all issued credits correspond to actual or eventual modules made by developers. It is exchangeable for Neighbourhoods tokens ($NHT) which serve as on- and off-ramps to crypto markets.
NH-Credits are designed to...
  • reward development of generic, interoperable tools.
  • make "developer hours worked" the unit of account in the marketplace, instead of a fiat-tethered price.
  • eventually standardize the quality of modules in the marketplace.
  • enabling negative spending in some instances.
***A small, initial issuance of $NHT will be available in Q4 2021. Please inquire with the team for details at [email protected] or on Discord.***

Future Possibilities of NH Credits

  • Usable for communities bootstrapping their own Neighbourhoods
  • Useful for paying for services at any point at which a particular Neighbourhood implements "bazaar style" economics (info forthcoming)
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