🌳Community Activators

Community activators seek technical tools to promote group coordination, resource sharing, and advancement of common interests in communities.

Community activators are the real creators of Neighbourhoods. Whether a single leader or a DAO-like group acting in concert, community activators create sets of generic tools to pair with intentional design of reputation and culture. Community activators and whole Neighbourhoods benefit from data portability across the distributed web by deciding to bridge to other Neighbourhoods.

Is the Neighborhoods framework for you?

Using Neighborhoods, Community Activators can…

  • explore and contribute to libraries containing useful ways to calculate member reputation scores.

  • localize sense-making of members' actions in the communities in which these happen.

  • build bridges to give and receive meaningful social data to other Neighbourhoods and online communities that members take part in and/or trust.

  • assure members that they can contest or revoke data pertaining to their own actions, and promote other rights relating to the trustworthiness of personal and interpersonal data

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