Architecture: The Cultural Computer
This page shows how the Reputation Interchange does cultural computations at the agent and p2p level.
Using the Rep Interchange involves making sense of Rep Data through "cultural computation" that analyzes it. Sharing this data and calculated Rep Scores evolves into what we call a Neighbourhood. It's easiest to understand the Rep Interchange by looking at how it works on one and then two computers.

Cultural Computer

Rep data can be sourced from traditional web services or dWeb apps. Rep scores hold the results of these computations, while tying them to the sources of the raw Rep data with full provenance. This also makes auditing possible.
Rep scores can be fed back into the cultural computer to chain, stack, and complexify insights.

Shared Cultural Computation

Two people can share and cross-verify calculated Reputation scores. Context is preserved by including metadata about the computation and its raw data sources.
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