Architecture: Cross-Membrane Sharing
This page shows how people can share nuanced rep calculations within and across Neighbourhoods to make sense of affiliations, grow quality networks, and move between communities with rep data in tow.

Memetic bridges to other Neighbourhoods

Neighbourhoods may also place "memetic bridges" in this registry - these are computers trusted by the Neighbourhood to provide Rep Scores to outside parties (thereby representing the NH).
Outside parties may use this info to request verification of existing Rep Score Data or to request new cultural computations (deeper insight) about the Neighbourhood.

Porting Context into a New Neighbourhood

When Memetic Bridges are members of adjacent Neighbourhoods, they can validate that agents joining a network space are supplying honest Rep Score data from the remote network. A condition for entry into a Neighbourhood may include providing Rep Score data proving good standing elsewhere and validation by enough Memetic Bridges.
Through memetic bridges, agents can carry their prior, relevant contexts into a new Neighbourhood. Events in one Neighbourhood can ripple, contextually, across membranes. By porting context-bound personal data, prospective NH members don't start at square one; their activity in other groups can be easily understood and verified.

Bridge-to-Bridge Requests for Validation

When Memetic Bridges have no visibility into the Neighbourhoods that a joining agent has participated in, they can validate the provided Rep Data by requesting Rep Scores from the Memetic Bridges of those Neighbourhoods. More Memetic Bridges in the foreign Neighbourhood leads to greater trust in the results.
Since full attribution is preserved, any duplicated requests for Rep Scores get merged together automatically, lowering computational overhead.
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