A Language for Reputation

Rep_lang is a language that operates explicitly on reputation data. It aggregates and collates swathes of rep data into simple metrics for humans to read, supporting decision-making and discretion, by people, who act as mimetic mediators between groups and individuals.
Importantly, this architecture enables runtime changes and additions to reputation data formats without requiring recompiling any Holochain DNAs or other code.
Because of how hashing works on Holochain, any changes made to a hApp DNA require whole-network updating/migrating -- even tiny tweaks. The Reputation Interchange allows changes to these small reputational pieces without having to change and upgrade an entire hApp or Neighbourhood.
The DSL allows a diversity of reptuation metrics and computations to be run in a convenient, ad-hoc way that doesn't require altering hApp. It's kind of like an upgrade-and-migrate solution for the distributed web, but that works exclusively on reputation programs.
The Rep_lang is currently open-source under the MIT license ( Please contact us directly about contributing.
Last modified 4mo ago
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